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  • [FS19] Start map By Richard 

    Standaard Start Map: Dit is een lege start map die je kunt gebruiken om je eigen map te maken in Farming Simulator 19. Ik heb hiervoor de SDK DE Mod Map gebruikt van Giants.   Eigenschappen:  Standaard gewassen Standaard foliage layers Standaard terrain textuur layers  De map is gevlakt op replace hoogte 100   In de map vindt je: Basis transform groepen Main waterplane Standaard bomen van giants Het start punt Fields alle
  • MAN TGS ITRunner By Bart 

    Truck with hooklift attacher. Price: 180.000€ Power: 500HP
  • Contest - International Harvester 33 series By Maaslandmods 

    • 0 reviews
    • 49
    International Harvester 33 series Price: 35.000€ Power: 35HP   Farming Simulator 19 | Contest Mod
  • Giants I3D Exporter for blender 2.8 By fa285634 

    This is the 2.79 giants exporter converted to Blender 2.80 Installation is the same as the 2.79 version   The exporter has the capacity to read the Principled BSDF shader,  including linked  Diffuse ( Color ),  Specular, Emissve, and Normal map  ( Normal map node ), and alpha The normal image has to be linked trough a normal map node, selected tangent, that's going to the Principald   ** Notice  :  There is no added functionality nor should or want i recieve request for
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