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2 files

  1. Scene Verifier for fs22

    Addon that can detect ( and fix ) some common errors in Blender.

    The addon checks for :
    - Empty objects
    - Objects without UV mapping
    - Objects without material
    - Objects with only a single uv layer
    - Objects without vertex color
    - Objects with mismatching names ( mesh versus object )
    - The main collision component not matching Giants naming convention ( this will only work AFTER the details have been set with the Giants Exporter )

    Updated 05/03/22
    - Check if armature is present or not   ->
    - Check if armature modifier is the first item in the modifier list ( can cause exporter problems )
    - Check if each object has the armature modfier active



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  2. SaveGameRestarter ( via console )

    Tired of hitting the menu each time your modding and need to reload the game, or u just want to swap quickly between savegame's ?

    This mod adds 2 commands to the console:

    restartMySavegame and    rs

    (Both are identical, just one is easier to remember or find when using tab in the console.)

    Usage ->    activate the mod in the savegame and then the commands will be added to the console
    example:  i want to swap/reload to savegame 3
    restartMySavegame 3
    Notice,  even though its possible to swap around to savegames, de keep in mind that the mod needs to be activated in each savegame slot if u do not want to loose its function 😉


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