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ronde balenpers claas dlc

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Ik heb gisteravond de claas dlc gedownload, maar als ik nu gewoon gras wil persen perst die wel maar er komt niks uit ed epers.

Hoe kan ik dit oplossen?

Met vriendelijke groet,


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GIANTS Engine Runtime 8.0.0 (20335) 64bit Steam (Build Date: Oct  1 2019)
Copyright (c) 2008-2019, GIANTS Software GmbH (giants-software.com), All Rights Reserved.
Copyright (c) 2003-2019, Christian Ammann and Stefan Geiger, All Rights Reserved.
Application: FarmingSimulator2019
Main System
  CPU: Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-7300HQ CPU @ 2.50GHz
  Memory: 8060 MB
  OS: Windows NT 10.0 64-bit
Physics System
  Version: 5.9.5
  Thread(s): 2
Input System
  Keyboard enabled
  Mouse enabled
  Gamepad/Joystick enabled
  Force Feedback disabled
Audio System
  Driver: SoftMixer WASAPI Stereo
  Version: 2018.11
  Frequency: 48000
  Max. active sources: 256
Render System
  Driver: Direct 3D 11
  Card Vendor: NVIDIA Corporation
  Renderer: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050
  Version: (22.4.2018)
  Revision: 161
  Feature level: DirectX 11
  Windowed Mode : off
  V-Sync        : on
  Effective Window Resolution:  1280 x 720
Started 2 threads for threadpool 'Render threadpool'
Hardware Profile
  Level: High (forced)
  View Distance Factor: 1.100000
  Shadow Quality: 1.000000 Base-Size: 2048 Filter-Size: 16 Shadow Focus Box false
  Shader Quality: 2
  Skip Mipmaps: 0
  LOD Distance Factor: 1.100000
  Terrain LOD Distance Factor: 1.500000
  Terrain Normal Mapping: Yes
  Foliage View Distance Factor: 1.400000
  Volume Mesh Tessellation Factor: 0.850000
  Tyre Tracks Segments Factor: 2.000000
  Max. Number of Shadow Lights: 3
  Max. Number of Lights: 512
  Max. Number of Lights Per Cluster: 32
  MSAA: 2
  Bloom Quality: 4
  SSAO Quality: 12
  DOF: Enabled
  Cloud Quality: 3
  EnvMap Blending: Enabled
  Setting 'Master Volume': 0.30000001192093
  Setting 'Is Train Tabbable': true
  Setting 'Radio Vehicle Only': true
  Setting 'Radio Active': false
  Setting 'Use Colorblind Mode': false
  Setting 'Easy Arm Control': true
  Setting 'Show Trigger Marker': true
  Setting 'Show Field-Info': true
  Setting 'Invert Y-Look': false
  Setting 'Show Help Icons': false
  Setting 'Radio Volume': 0.5
  Setting 'Vehicle Volume': 0.80000001192093
  Setting 'Environment Volume': 0.80000001192093
  Setting 'GUI Volume': 0.5
  Setting 'Master Volume': 0.30000001192093
  Setting 'Music Volume': 0.69999998807907
Farming Simulator 19 (Steam)
  Version: b6732
  Available Languages: en de jp pl cz fr es ru it pt hu nl cs ct br tr ro kr
  Language: nl
  Time: 2019-10-24 19:29:00
Load dlc: pdlc_andersonPack (Version: (Hash: 5f80c1d76b1adeadba21204a64187da8)
Load dlc: pdlc_claasPack (Version: (Hash: 5e04ad19d7453580219d06e16101c079)
dataS2/character/humans/characterAnimation.i3d (103.10 ms)
Load mod: FS19_claasDominator108SL (Version: (Hash: ead70e1c2d12e839d2b7d7b668b6e8db)
dataS2/character/humans/pedestrians/pedestrianAnimation.i3d (55.63 ms)
Load mod: FS19_claasTorion1914DevMule (Version: (Hash: 75491079a8559e879bd2d347b8e7c942)
Load mod: FS19_holmerPack (Version: (Hash: def22884bd1b63522320edd01ccc3628)
Load mod: bigBagContainerPigFood (Version: (Hash: b08bb88ea6a3fa6b6c3048e0e9e5a8f9)
Load mod: BLOCK7serie (Version: (Hash: dbc6bb42a7519eb699483d859ebec8b5)
Error: Failed to open xml file 'C:/Users/stan_/OneDrive/Documenten/My Games/FarmingSimulator2019/mods/BLOCKIDeal/modDesc.xml'.
Load mod: BLOCKIDeal (Hash: b9448d9436aa13974dc0fa718229d61e)
Error: Missing descVersion attribute in mod BLOCKIDeal
Load mod: Block_Silagefork (Version: 1.0) (Hash: 75c971c1a61bc1706b8ca4787575c8f8)
Load mod: BlokkieGames_IDEAL (Version: (Hash: f99e0665e3315ba97c501f99c1a81c06)
Load mod: FBM19_CaseIH_1255_1455 (Version: (Hash: dbde6e267adb8e56bb184422170cbc6e)
Load mod: FS19BR_FM_Lemken_Korund_750 (Version: (Hash: fc59d22909412add0fd93e24c05621cd)
Load mod: FS19_amazonePantera (Version: (Hash: b4fa9ec9b22872430ebf95b6e00f6048)
Load mod: FS19_amazoneUX5200 (Version: (Hash: a85de2ed7b9170923a597c6aa38833a4)
Load mod: FS19_Beregnung (Version: (Hash: f7775f6a5c7a5f930e93bbabadb05dcf)
Load mod: FS19_bigBagContainerCows_Foragemix (Version: (Hash: cba4d6f5bd9596eb36120023cd91d29a)
Load mod: FS19_bijlsmaHercules1400 (Version: (Hash: 8f5580e3eb9bb0e241a164152fe25904)
Load mod: FS19_compositeHallPack (Version: (Hash: 70120c88a22af7fb9cbddb5e09f7d2e2)
Error: Invalid mod name 'FS19_courseplay_V6.01.00230'! Characters allowed: (_, A-Z, a-z, 0-9). The first character must not be a digit
Load mod: FS19_CutterAdapterPack (Version: (Hash: 38d80c37d3435fcada3cc6b94b8f7241)
Load mod: FS19_duevelsdorfSilagewalze (Version: (Hash: 0120525e9ba5efbdfbb34b5ffa197a44)
Load mod: FS19_Excavator_ATLAS_160W_Lame_SDM (Version: (Hash: 346ec9e20431b7f61060967a3adfb99d)
Load mod: FS19_Excavator_ATLAS_160W_SDM (Version: (Hash: d4c6fe353f23e8af033ee2ef5314b835)
Load mod: FS19_Excavator_LIEBHERR_A914C_SDM (Version: (Hash: b9e14b2d3bdd18645722adbc5231ec52)
Load mod: FS19_Excavator_LIEBHERR_R914C_SDM (Version: (Hash: 5539d134e273467cd6fedef6335c1efd)
Load mod: FS19_Excavator_LIEBHERR_R914_Lame_SDM (Version: (Hash: 25db88a0a58fe2c56f176154662462d9)
Load mod: FS19_fellaJuras14055Pro (Version: (Hash: 7bd8b65e7d367fc695c052292b2935be)
Load mod: FS19_FendtVario_700 (Version: (Hash: 2454b99c57c2783da9d4a1aa9be87099)
Load mod: FS19_Fendt_700_Vario (Version: 1.0) (Hash: d897af14376f431ed81b2a33823f7f17)
Load mod: FS19_Fendt_Favorit_500_Series (Version: (Hash: d15d1757270b33999a19713d65b3aea9)
Load mod: FS19_Fendt_weights (Version: (Hash: 0e24c35f042f3e2f5745fb763e7091ac)
Load mod: FS19_Fertilizer_Tank (Version: (Hash: f9b0a8a93c60007f76c9ae82cb56cce5)
Load mod: FS19_fineTimescaleAdjustment (Version: (Hash: b0a6fa2b4a70542080e7422847318ce7)
Load mod: FS19_flieglDPW180 (Version: (Hash: 857b54460affdb9bdc39026c8300e9be)
Load mod: FS19_flieglDPW180_Autoload (Version: 1.4) (Hash: 85305a8b29fa3b4576c1521f3657c6c9)
Load mod: FS19_flieglFlatbed (Version: (Hash: cbbb2bf94991ad0c692c23d7d20384c4)
Load mod: FS19_flieglSilageLevelerDuo (Version: (Hash: f4cb6d68d22e70bc16c48fd1c3f1b16f)
Load mod: FS19_FollowMe (Version: (Hash: e472832e392e240f6bbc37c24ced8c55)
Load mod: FS19_Fork_Lizard_Claws (Version: (Hash: adafbcc37a12680281e05b8fe4a3eef2)
Load mod: FS19_fuelTank5000 (Version: (Hash: 31731c938306272c11adc57febc1ebae)
Load mod: FS19_Geringhoff_HV660 (Version: (Hash: 1305f20fd32fe6a0ec6bb46c1c35f52f)
Load mod: FS19_Grimme_Varitron470_V2 (Version: (Hash: b6e10cf8492fd3bad1cf13acd9218f2e)
Load mod: FS19_horschPack (Version: (Hash: f3e2f764087e1a916d2608a2c5625548)
Load mod: FS19_itRunnerPack (Version: (Hash: 4375f4eb9d7650f868fd949d06e35d6b)
Load mod: FS19_ITS_Lemken_Pack (Version: (Hash: d8133792a70fa6aa01360aab82e145c5)
Load mod: FS19_jcb435S (Version: (Hash: f9bbe047a00900fe22573701f0a5b9f3)
Load mod: FS19_kroneSwadro2000 (Version: 2.0) (Hash: 7beb958dc0caa0471551535141c43961)
Load mod: FS19_kuhnGA8521s (Version: (Hash: cd27f21478cc6619899f995d0cb997d4)
Load mod: FS19_KuhnGMD2811 (Version: (Hash: 230c3db50eaef083585d31cf007c0632)
Load mod: FS19_kuhnPlanter3R12 (Version: (Hash: 1508037f9e5f36d68033e6073f6c0ff9)
Load mod: FS19_lelySplendimo320FC (Version: (Hash: c07dfc6d179aa6753cf255e32acec28c)
Load mod: FS19_lelySplendimo900MC (Version: (Hash: b69c8219dd2ae97e3c482c4f665abb51)
Error: Failed to open xml file 'C:/Users/stan_/OneDrive/Documenten/My Games/FarmingSimulator2019/mods/FS19_LIEBHERR_VOLO_Pack/modDesc.xml'.
Load mod: FS19_LIEBHERR_VOLO_Pack (Hash: 38fc027d70baf99c193853576db0044c)
Error: Missing descVersion attribute in mod FS19_LIEBHERR_VOLO_Pack
Load mod: FS19_LightControl (Version: (Hash: 72663e05eff6de16f7346376762c9b1d)
Load mod: FS19_Lizard_500_Series (Version: (Hash: d43635daa30e0e0314d6c6f3ad26e84c)
Load mod: FS19_mahindraRetrieverLimited (Version: (Hash: 25ff36058fc2a668d1beb9613f6c40dc)
Load mod: FS19_ManureTradingSystem (Version: (Hash: 50199c29b37bbf1ccbbd5f642e8e7aa9)
Load mod: FS19_NewHollandTM_series (Version: (Hash: e3b8eb2b1b177463d6891f86112bc945)
Load mod: FS19_PeeconBiga_AutoLoad (Version: (Hash: 4e1c7aa0af8bad7b7e0f9d590eea2a4f)
Load mod: FS19_placeableRefillStation (Version: (Hash: 2694253f78e023066110fbb297b33815)
Load mod: FS19_Placeable_Filling_Stations (Version: (Hash: 390cb60af082adcb261e471941e8077b)
Load mod: FS19_poettingerTop652 (Version: (Hash: adbee177a3ab33a53dc6ae574f394f25)
Load mod: FS19_Puur_Nederland_byMikeModding (Version: 2.5) (Hash: 6cbcca4aa4e55f510b8064d7f7eb960b)
Load mod: FS19_Rapide8400WbyDevious (Version: (Hash: 6d9ad5cf6cedc1b238cd1202ebe60833)
Load mod: FS19_real_clock (Version: (Hash: 439bd6c76f938ea1d23d9e99fdb76e6c)
Load mod: FS19_reschkeHighTipShovel (Version: (Hash: 0f4070861da9bace02b700364acbd115)
Load mod: FS19_RM_Seasons (Version: (Hash: f39d3ac1d7e25d196495c5fa2e1dcbbf)
Load mod: FS19_RM_Wales (Version: (Hash: 26971488f1b2b0e1f6f9b2d36200a546)
Load mod: FS19_rollOver (Version: (Hash: 5fa6659b9f1819561719d2ee40e30f41)
Load mod: FS19_Safety_weights_pack (Version: (Hash: 5380993e6ac95831bce7e73460f01de4)
Load mod: FS19_slurryRefillStation (Version: (Hash: 8fbff6ed4f41c784855f1dbb319c92ce)
Load mod: FS19_SpeedPlayerMod (Version: (Hash: 97a841ebd0c17e000261b0a9a15183e8)
Load mod: fs19_storage_placeable (Version: 1.9) (Hash: f04d657567dc457efa143e435ffe73a8)
Load mod: FS19_StrautmannTeraVitesseCFS5201DO (Version: (Hash: 7eb01785bb242add13c83ea598cf4e31)
Load mod: FS19_StrawFork (Version: (Hash: 48d3001d76953e52659dc7b1122ac6e8)
Load mod: FS19_timeScale (Version: (Hash: 97621f5ab844a97971911fd196ee9699)
Load mod: FS19_Tool_ENGCON_Pack_M_SDM (Version: (Hash: 2863f180c56ae9b733d0bc81c8da8950)
Load mod: FS19_Variable_Spray_Usage (Version: (Hash: 88f6ef8d5516b6cd167042b119114c17)
Load mod: FS19_VolvoFH16_TYT (Version: (Hash: def36d804fb311e3db0710ef8b3dc17b)
Load mod: FS19_VOLVO_EC300 (Version: (Hash: c4f7b71f70b2af323f33b74d3c76fab3)
Load mod: FS19_VOLVO_EC300e (Version: (Hash: 0a784228e4fc27d119d0038198bc060d)
Load mod: FS19_VOLVO_EC300_bucket2_V1_SDM (Version: (Hash: c450e29693d3089c0ae341a841e77fbd)
Load mod: FS19_VOLVO_EC300_bucket_V2_SDM (Version: (Hash: de9083228f894e619564c1272d95f2cb)
Load mod: FS19_VOLVO_EC300_StollToolShovel (Version: 1.0.0) (Hash: 71b0b955d24cafdd72941f15b62458f4)
Load mod: FS19_zzzSpeedControl (Version: (Hash: 191d44bb7977e2a3a9b25c30a67df6eb)
Load mod: PowerFlow (Version: (Hash: 08535161414459b21f1489a7e8648e2e)
Load mod: ScaniaS730_4x2_fs19 (Version: (Hash: bf795acd28c6a02b9c14e5bbeedca8dd)
Error: Failed to open xml file 'C:/Users/stan_/OneDrive/Documenten/My Games/FarmingSimulator2019/mods/volvo_excavator_pack/modDesc.xml'.
Load mod: volvo_excavator_pack (Hash: 7d80fde8f5210aabf61068c060a551bc)
Error: Missing descVersion attribute in mod volvo_excavator_pack
2019-10-24 19:29 Application quit


Nee, ik hoef de balenpers zelf niet te lossen, gaat vanzelf open en er komt niks uit alleen maar lucht haha

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