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[FS17] Update 1.5.1


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Farming Simulator 17 Update 1.5.1


Deze patch zal ook nodig zijn om de Farming Simulator 17 - Platinum Add-On te installeren. We raden u aan om uw spel te updaten voordat het wordt vrijgegeven op 17 NOVEMBER


  • [FIXED] Game freezes due third party radio streams (1.5.1)
  • [FIXED] Game crashes using tipAnything near map borders (1.5.1)
  • [FIXED] 4real module 1; usage of narrowWheels in missions and other fixes (1.5.1)
  • [FIXED] 4real module 3; usage with cultivators which drag to one side while sliding (1.5.1)
  • [FIXED] Headers have incorrect divider settings for different fruitTypes (1.5.1)
  • [FIXED] Köckerling Allrounder jitters above the ground (1.5.1)
  • [FIXED] AI worker stutters at the end of a line (in maize, sunflowers or canola) (1.5.1)
  • [FIXED] Animal prices in easy difficulty (won't change prizes after savegame restart) (1.5.1)
  • [FIXED] Joskin Trans-Space 8000 attacher joint ist not set correctly (1.5.1)
  • [FIXED] Valtra S attacher joint of 3-point not correctly alligned (1.5.1)
  • [FIXED] Fendt 900 series wrong radius of back wheels (1.5.1)
  • [FIXED] Ponsse Buffalo missing collision on front wheels (1.5.1)
  • [FIXED] MF Activia 7347 missing collision on front wheels (1.5.1)
  • [FIXED] Cannot cultivate manure into the ground on an already cultivated field (1.5.1)
  • [FIXED] Goods clip through back door of Joskin Trans-Space 8000 (1.5.1)
  • [FIXED] fuelUsage in MP not synchronized visually (1.5.1)
  • [FIXED] Double doors won't close completely in MP (animatedObjectsXML) (1.5.1)
  • [FIXED] Bogie bands keep turning on low loader while low loader is moving (1.5.1)
  • [FIXED] Krampe Bandit SB30/60 floats in the air after buying (1.5.1)
  • [FIXED] Camera on articulated steering machines is not alligned correctly (1.5.1)
  • [FIXED] Hint "Get in" in MP while someone already steers the machine (1.5.1)
  • [FIXED] Wheels turn in the wrong direction while driving backwards (happens only with non physical wheels) (1.5.1)
  • [FIXED] New Holland SP 400 F has adjustment problems of tireTracks in multiplayer (only as client) (1.5.1)
  • [FIXED] Using a tripple combination of attachments, the third one don't get lowered in schemaOverlay (1.5.1)
  • [FIXED] Jenz HEM error of particle effect while unloading on dedicated server (1.5.1)
  • [FIXED] Mod selection screen shows all maps, after selecting one map (1.5.1)
  • [FIXED] Amazone ED 3000-C is not fillable by trailer (1.5.1)
  • [FIXED] Great Plains 3P1006NT fillLevel indicator is not working (1.5.1)
  • [FIXED] Hayloft is not able to fill forageMixer with grass and straw (1.5.1)
  • [FIXED] Hardcoded values for AI vehicle spec controls (1.5.1)
  • [FIXED] Dedicated server doesn't show up in server browser, if language is not fitting master server (1.5.1)
  • [FIXED] Vehicles doesn't stop while pop-up is showing (1.5.1)
  • [FIXED] Loading wagon and forage harvesters have different amount statistics using the same windrow (1.5.1)
  • [FIXED] soundPlayer.lua causes call stack when game is closed by gamepad (1.5.1)
  • [FIXED] Player can walk between MF Activia 7347 S and its header (1.5.1)
  • [FIXED] Increased friction for wide tires (1.5.1)
  • [FIXED] Case IH Magnum hydraulic punches don't fit cylinders (1.5.1)
  • [FIXED] Lizard Pick Up TT left front wheel shakes (1.5.1)
  • [FIXED] Minor bugs in different translations (1.5.1)
  • [FIXED] Stoll wrapped bale handler has minor AO bugs (1.5.1)
  • [FIXED] NH T6 missing mesh (normals mirrored) in interior (1.5.1)
  • [FIXED] Missing fill diagram on the outside of Veenhuis Premium Integral II (1.5.1)
  • [FIXED] MF Activia 7347 front cylinders are too short (1.5.1)
  • [FIXED] Metaltech PP20's decals are not alligned correctly to the model (1.5.1)
  • [FIXED] Floating decal on Case Optum 270 (1.5.1)
  • [FIXED] Veenhuis Premium Integral II - Minor 3D issues (1.5.1)
  • [FIXED] Wheel nuts are missing on second axle of Tatra Phoenix (1.5.1)
  • [FIXED] Some wheels clip into fender / machine (1.5.1)
  • [FIXED] Frontlights missing on some machines in lower hardware profiles (1.5.1)
  • [TWEAKED] Terrain of Sosnovka has some edges / holes below objects (1.5.1)
  • [TWEAKED] shovelTriggers on GCV map (1.5.1)
  • [TWEAKED] Crops clip through Case IH Axial-Flow 9230 (1.5.1)
  • [TWEAKED] Ingame worker missions tweaked for 4real modules and DLC's (1.5.1)
  • [TWEAKED] AI worker turning radius with articulated steering (1.5.1)
  • [TWEAKED] Unloading of Ursus T127 (1.5.1)
  • [TWEAKED] Physical behaviour of log forks (1.5.1)
  • [TWEAKED] AI behaviour with Kuhn TF1500 (1.5.1)
  • [TWEAKED] Wheels configurations on different machines (1.5.1)
  • [TWEAKED] Cleanarea in front of feeding throughs (1.5.1)
  • [TWEAKED] Flickering of streets (1.5.1)
  • [TWEAKED] Case Magnum 380 + Kröger TAW30 wobble during filling (1.5.1)
  • [ADDED] Double wheels on some vehicles (1.5.1)
  • [ADDED] Collisions for double wheels (1.5.1)
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