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ecoModsGames Super Duper Announcement!


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ecoModsGames bekend mod maker voor de Ark Survival game heeft vandaag laten weten te werken aan een mod map voor de game!


ecoModsGames bekend van de mods eco's RP Decor, eco's Garden Decor, eco's Tek Decor en nog veel meer heeft bekend gemaakt te werken aan een map voor Ark genaamd ''Ancient Islands''


Na een jaar van plannen en het maken van schetsen hoe de map eruit moet komen te zien gaat het gebeuren, dit betekent echter niet dat we voorlopig zonder nieuwe mods komen te zitten in tegen deel! Ook nieuwe mods staan op de planning. 


HIeronder vindt je het originele bericht van ecoModsGames





Super Duper Announcement!


It is with my greatest pleasure that I introduce to you my new project Ancient Islands an ARK Map! 


I am so excited about this as I have been planning this for almost a year sketching out design ideas and getting up the nerve to start! This is a huge undertaking and I will be pouring my heart and soul into this as I do everything. 




What will this mean for my current mods?


  • Creating new content for the community is a huge priority for me! I will continue to stay in the Mod Program and update my mods with new content as we together as a community continue to dream up awesome new things! I still enjoy working with them very much and definitely recognize the need to keep them evolving along with the game!   


When will the map be available?

  • As it is just in it's very basic form it will not become available for some time. As areas do become available I will make it public so that you as a community can give your awesome feedback and help the map to grow! 


What is the Lore of Ancient Islands?

  • “Humans did not discover this land, we were brought to it to cultivate it. We did not master the beasts of the lands we were the beasts of burden. Each brick was crafted and laid by our hands. We built the temples that rise up from beneath the dirt but we did not have master over them. They kept track of our every move, they studied us to breed better specimens, the culled us when our numbers became too many, and they considered us no more than just a tool to better their empire.”




The true purpose of this map is to explore the lore before the ARK as we know it now. We have always been replaceable. The implants in our arms signify our links to our prehistoric owners. The dinosaurs came first, not humans. We were created to serve them, we created their temples where they worshiped their gods, we grew their crops, and we took care of their young.


Map Design:

  • The map will consist of 3 layers:
  • Top - Sea & Islands
  • Middle - Ruins
  • Bottom - Caves


I have some big things planned and I can't wait to share them with you! 


ecoModsGames official post

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