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[W.I.P.] Changing fruit animations on cutters.

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Hello @all,


i think you also knew that problem.. You are playing on your favorite map and uses an original cutter. Then at the harvest will you always see, that the fruit textures do not matches, if they changed on the mod map. But why bring up all the stnadard cutters as mod in game, this is not the most elegant solution. You don't want the mod shop screen 'unnecessary' inflate, or? :bigsmile:


So i have created an global mod, which changes the original particle animations of the cutters. So, if you fits the textures in my zip to the textures of you current played map, the original particle animations will be exchanged. Thereby the textures will be exchanged also in game. I've been using customized particle animations in my 'ErntePack', so this is separately supportet. But this this is the only mod where i made an exception. It is impossible for me to consider all mods.


It is also planned to support the DLC's. Should be not a problem, but i will not promise it now .. :itwasntme: So, it is not finished.


So much text and no image?! Image is in the spoiler, so that you read first the post and then look at the image .. This is evil from me, or? :devil: But, thats how i am .. :rofl:





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Well, you've my respect :D Would it be an idea to insert the textures of some populair maps in the mod itself, so the common players don't have to do a thing? I'm not so in scripting, but it would be cool if your mod automatically detects the moddesc of your map and then loads the wright textures :)  Out of experience with some mods i released earlier there are a lot of people who even can't unzip a file, therefore it would be handy :P 


I've putted an image in the spoiler for you to make the idea clear.




Haha, no image, that's evil no? Well, thats how i am .. :rofl:



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