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Map based on userwishes

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Greetings NLD Farmers! 


After 3 finished maps that were only made for me, i want to start a new project which shall be released in the end.


But if i build the map with the intent to release it, why shouldn't it be based on the wishes of the communty?


I allready asked on my facebook page and in our forum, and now i want to get some information from the international community :) 


If you would build yourself a map, what would you put on it? What scripts should it include? How big should it be? A single player sized map or a multiplayer sized map? 

Are agriculture and forestry enough, or do you need more possibilities to earn money? Just to give you a few questions. Anything you wish for a map, feel free to wright it down here :)


If i got enough suggestions a WiP-Thread will follow! 


Rock your keyboards,



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- like a border map. with Germany and the Netherlands.

- a multyplayer map.

- 3 a 4 farms and a town for a real feeling.

- around 60 a 80 fields.

- a contracter.

- the farms 1 big dairy and 3 small cow farms

- good roads and offroad.

Buyable objects..

- diffrent size fields


greatz monk

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Well I agree with @monk! And I like to see a river in the map, it always gives it a natural feeling. 

But I think 40/50 fields are enough, as long as there are medium to big field. And the field don't need to be all squar but a few roundings in the fields is perfect for me :)

Goodluck and nice idea!

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He Metalger,


Nice that you have started a topic about this subject! :lol: 


Things i would like to see,


Mid size fields not to small.

Some natural environment with forestry maybe a river, bushes etc.. 

Some real shaped fields for example i like the fields from the Tunxdorf the are based on google.

Some extra animals.

A bit of deutsch old styled map, but with enough space for vehicles.

A contractor voor storage you vehicles? 


Well thats something to work with haha.. 


Can i ask what maps did you make, and do you use the google earth tools? 


Regards, Richard

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vor 21 Minuten schrieb Richard:

Can i ask what maps did you make, and do you use the google earth tools? 

Of course you can ask^^


I create and upload maps since the fs11, a lot in fs13, and i've uploaded one for fs15.


You can find it here http://www.modding-welt.com/downloads/entry/2000-wilhelms-talkessel/#description


I've made some other maps but they were just for me and i didn't really have much pictures of them. 


Here are 3 overview pictures for you..


The first map i created for fs15: pdanightmasoh.jpg


A map i created because i was bored (^^) : pdaminiwiss8.jpg


The current map i am playing on: pda3qosqd.jpg


I have to admit your GreenRiver Map and this forum in general motivated me to start another map project :itwasntme:


Edit: One of my fs13 projects: http://www.modding-welt.com/downloads/entry/841-the-eye-of-the-sea-a-british-island/#images
I haven't made an island for fs15 till now.. i had one in fs11, one in fs13... maybe it's time? :D

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